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BCM / 2019-01-08

Urgent employment of the following positions: high salary recruitment!Good pay!




Job Title: Chemical technical support Number: 2


Job Description:


1. Responsible for product pre-sales support, including online telephone and online QQ technical consultation;


2. Assisted sales in technical negotiations with customers;


3. Responsible for product knowledge training for sales staff and customers;


4. Dealt with various after-sales problems;


5. Formulate production technical standards;


6. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.


Skills Required:


1. Major in biology or chemistry, CET-6 or above, full-time master degree or above;


2. Strong literature search and reading ability;


3. Good communication skills and customer service awareness;


4. Conscientious and careful in work, capable of independent analysis and problem solving, with good team spirit;


5. Familiar with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software and basic email system;


6. Ability and willingness to learn new techniques and skills;




Position: Regional Sales Engineer (Reagent) Number: 5


Job Description:


1. Carried out product sales and promotion in the responsible area, maintained customers, completed corresponding sales tasks, and achieved the expected sales target;


2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of new customers and product promotion and other market activities;


3. Visited customers regularly, explored potential opportunities, collected customer orders, and kept good communication with the main customers in the responsible area;


4. Assisted the financial department to ensure timely recovery of payment;


5. Complete other related tasks arranged by the company or department;


Job Requirements:


1. Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, medicine or laboratory science;


2. Passionate about sales;Good at communication and team work spirit;Outgoing, cheerful, lively, positive and motivated;Dedicated, loyal and reliable.


3, have certain ability to work under pressure, can adapt to business trips.


4. Proficient in OFFICE software.




Position: Sales office (customer service) Number: 2


Job Description:


1. Dealt with customers' pre-sales consultation, business consultation, e-commerce platform guidance, order making, tracking and payment collection;


2. Maintained customers by telephone regularly and dealt with customers' questions in the ordering process;


3. Good execution ability, carry out work or related operations in strict accordance with norms and procedures;


4. Handled customer emails in a timely manner;


Skills Required:


1, cheerful, optimistic, clear thinking, customer service or telemarketing experience is preferred;


2. Standard Mandarin, articulate, good at communication and strong language expression ability;


3. Patient and responsible, good sense of service;


4. Team work spirit, proficient in office software; it is better to be able to understand and analyze general experimental maps;


5, computer proficiency, typing speed more than 50 words per minute;


6, Chemistry, biology, biochemistry related major is preferred


7. Full-time college degree or above;




Job Title: Chemical Buyer Number: 2


Job Description:


1. Responsible for quotation, procurement and tracking of reagents related materials.Do a good job in drug research and development of various chemical and biological reagents procurement.


2. Responsible for establishing supply relations for material procurement, exploring supply channels in various aspects, and conducting proper management.


3. Maintain good cooperative relations with suppliers.


4. Establish the company's product inventory system.


5. Responsible for organizing a comprehensive assessment of suppliers and proposing solutions for unqualified suppliers.


6. Formulated appropriate procurement strategies according to the budget to reduce procurement costs.


7. Completed other matters assigned by leaders.


Job Requirements:


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry/medicine or related or more than one year of fine chemical procurement experience is preferred;


2. Good professional dedication, communication skills and team spirit;


3. Careful and rigorous, responsive, articulate, able to conduct good business negotiations;


4. Good command of computer and office software, ERP system is preferred.




Number of sales interns: No limit


Job Description:


1. Strive to expand the sales market of chemicals and chemicals, actively contact customers, and develop new sales channels and customers;


2. Collect sales funds well and ensure smooth sales channels;


3. Maintain good customer relations.


Job Requirements:


1. College degree or above, major in chemistry and chemical engineering;


2. Good communication, presentation and sales skills;


3. Clear speech, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and communication skills;


4. Love sales work, with strong stability and steadfastness;


5. Outgoing personality, strong affinity, quick response and clear thinking;


6. Strong anti-pressure ability and good psychological quality;


7. Proficient in office software;


8. Sales experience of chemicals and chemical products is preferred.


Note: Our company provides systematic job training and good working atmosphere, which can help the new people to grow up quickly.Sincere recruit, have THE RESPONSIBILITY, HAS THE strength, THE dream of young friends to join our division, seek development.Sincerely recruit outstanding fresh graduates.




Position: Network Engineer (ERP specialist and network administrator) Number: 2


Job Description:


1. Maintained and optimized ERP module;


2. Tracked and managed daily IT affairs to ensure the smooth development of the company's daily business;


3. Provide an effective operating environment for the network and PC system;


4. Conducted ERP and computer knowledge and application training for employees;


5. Responsible for the internal optimization and keyword positioning of the company's website, as well as content maintenance and update;


6. Sorted out information surrounding keywords and uploaded product related information;


7. Designed user network experience process to make website resources convenient for customers to use and information available;


8. Prepared enterprise advertorials, including the promotion of enterprise advertisements and investment promotion materials;


9. Responsible for the promotion of off-network links and websites to improve the network ranking and website clicks;


10. Assisted in editing the art design of website pages, banner design, image processing, animation design, etc.;


11. Responsible for online customer reception and customer information collection and summary;


12. Responsible for registering and publishing company and product information and collecting customer information on third-party network platforms;


13. Collect, study and process comments and feedback from network consultation.


Job Qualification:


1. 21-35 years old, full-time bachelor's degree in computer science is preferred;


2, about 2 years working experience as a network engineer is preferred, outstanding fresh graduates are also acceptable;


3. Familiar with network communication wiring and wireless network management;


4. Able to solve all kinds of PC hardware and system problems independently;


5. Have OA/ERP maintenance experience;




Position: Production Supervisor Number: 2


Job Description:


1. Make production plan according to production plan and process requirements;


2. Issued production orders according to process requirements;


3. Implement operating procedures, control product production process, ensure safe production and product compliance with quality standards;


4. Equipment maintenance and on-site 5S work;


5. Completed other tasks assigned by the superior.


Job Requirements:


1. College degree or above, major in chemical chemistry, biopharmaceutical, etc. More than 1 year experience in chemical synthesis is preferred.


2. Understand the nature, use and safe disposal of common chemicals;


3. Solid basic knowledge, familiar with various chemical principles and unit operation;


4. Conscientious, responsible, rigorous and practical, with team spirit;


5. Love professional work and devote to the long-term development of reagent industry.

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