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How do I check my order?

You can enter "my account" according to the registered user name and password, to query all your orders, or you can also contact customer service staff to help you query the relevant information in the order;If you have any changes or questions about the order content, please contact the customer service hotline: 0755-85269922


How to modify the relevant information in the order?

After the final confirmation to submit your order, you can't to modify your order within the relevant content, you must inform the personnel of the service to modify the content of your order, if the change is more, it is recommended that you delete the order (in the "orders submitted" state) or inform the personnel of the service to delete the order (in the "order has been confirmed" state), and to place the order;


Can items be added or removed from an order already submitted?

You are not allowed to add or subtract items from an order that has already been submitted. You must place a new order or contact customer service to add or subtract items from your order.



What if the goods are out of stock?

If you do not find the products you need in our product center or need to order the products you search for, you can call the customer service hotline or submit an online inquiry.


How to buy goods in stock without price?

This kind of goods is big packing or import goods more, because this kind of commodity prices can change at any time, so on our website has not released its specific price, if you want to know the price of these goods or sure would like to place an order for the goods, please contact customer service center to the personnel of the service inquiry, we will tell you the specific price and order method.

Customer service center: 0755-85269922



Why did you not receive the goods for a long time?

The reasons for not receiving the goods for a long time may be as follows:

1) Delivery delay caused by weekends and holidays when no one receives the goods

2) Goods lost in the delivery process of express and auto transportation companies

3) Goods that are not delivered during the delivery of the ordered goods

4) The goods are not delivered due to objective force majeure such as natural or social factors



Why didn't I see the invoice when the goods arrived?

If you choose Shanghai delivery or express delivery, normally the invoice will be delivered together with the goods.If you choose to ship by road, the invoice will be delivered separately from the goods.In case of special circumstances, we will inform you of the delivery method of the invoice.


In what form shall the invoice be delivered?

Usually the invoice will be sent by express (some users please note to the unit mailroom to check), if the invoice needs to be delivered separately, please note in the order or inform the customer service staff in advance.


Where can I check the invoice express tracking number?

After the invoice is delivered by express, you can check the tracking number of the invoice in the "Invoice Information" column on your order details page.


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