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BCM / 2019-01-08
Material Safety Data Sheet






The Chemical Safety Technical Specification (MSDS) provides various information about the safety, health and environmental protection of chemical substances and their products, as well as the basic knowledge, protective measures and emergency action information about chemicals.In some countries, MSDS is also known as the Material Safety Technical Specification (SDS), and the SDS term is used in ISO 11014.

MSDS is a tool used by chemical production and supply companies to provide basic hazard information (including transportation, operational disposal, storage and emergency response) to users.


Chemical safety technical manual preparation and use requirements

1 Preparation Requirements

The 16 items specified in the safety technical specification cannot be deleted or merged at will when compiling, and their sequence cannot be changed at will.The requirements, boundaries and levels of each item shall be filled in according to the "Filling Guide".16 items are mandatory and each sub-item has three choices. Items marked with [A] are mandatory;If there is no data for this item, the reason for the lack of data should be stated (e.g., no data, meaningless);Where marked [C], this item may be omitted if no data is available.

The text of the safety technical specification should be expressed in simple, clear and easy to understand standard Chinese characters.Digital data should be accurate, reliable and comprehensive.

The content of the safety technical specification shall be updated every five years starting from the date of production of the chemical. If new hazards are found, the manufacturing enterprise must revise the content of the safety technical specification within half a year after the release of the relevant information.


Two kinds of

The safety technical specifications are prepared in the way of "one variety, one card", and the technical specifications of the same species and homologues can not be replaced with each other;The harmful component and its content range should be filled in the mixture.The data provided should be reliable and supported.When a chemical has more than one kind of harmfulness, the primary and secondary harmfulness as well as first aid and protective measures should be comprehensively stated.

3 the use of

The safety technical specifications are compiled and printed by the production and supply enterprises of chemicals, and provided to users when the goods are delivered. As a service for users, the products circulate in the market.When receiving and using chemicals, users should read the technical instructions carefully, understand and master the risk of chemicals, and formulate safe operation procedures according to the situation of use, choose appropriate protective equipment, and train operators.

4 Data reliability

The value and data of the safety technical specification should be accurate and reliable, and the reference materials selected should be authoritative. If necessary, the specialized institutions of occupational safety and health at or above the provincial level can be consulted.All the results of this query are edited according to the existing data. If some data conflicts are found, please contact us in time.


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