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BCM / 2019-01-08

1. Chemibo shall be responsible for the inspection of the products and issue the quality inspection report conforming to the standards agreed herein;The product reaches the customer and the customer raises the quality objection to Chemibo within 30 days.If you need to return or exchange products due to quality problems, you should contact our customer service representative first.Without the permission of Chembao, Chembao will not accept returns.If the customer does not raise any objection within the time limit, the product shall be deemed to meet the customer's requirements, and the company shall not bear any responsibility.




2. Chembao will not accept replacement or return of the following products, including but not limited to: customized or special order materials, leaked or damaged chemicals, expired reagents, missing labels, refrigerated or frozen products, and unsealed products.In case of special circumstances, if it is necessary to return or exchange the goods, the customer shall explain the reason for return or exchange to Chemebao and obtain written consent from Chemebao.




3. If the product is confirmed by Chemibao to have quality problems, Chemibao shall assume the liability for product defect guarantee and complete the replacement or return of the product within 10 working days. The overdue customer has the right to refuse to pay the corresponding amount of payment to Chemibao.However, the customer shall provide the corresponding product ex-factory inspection report, machine printed delivery note and original product packaging to Chemibao to prove that the products to be returned or replaced are provided by Chemibao, otherwise Chemibao has the right to refuse the customer's request for return or replacement.




4. If Chemibo accepts the customer's exchange or return request, the customer shall submit a written "Product Return or Exchange Notice" (the return order shall at least include the product name, quantity, specification, article number and other information), and Chemibo shall verify the product within 10 working days after receiving the customer's return order.If the product is damaged due to customer's reasons, Chembao will not be responsible for returning or changing.




5. Party A and Party B agree that Chemibo shall have the right to charge additional fees for any return or replacement except for product quality problems, and Chemibo shall have the right to charge 20% restorage fee for the returned catalog items with a minimum charge of no less than RMB 100.




6. Special note, the following cases will not be returned or replaced:

1. For any chemical reagent products not sold by Chemical Reagent Company, the order confirmation shall prevail;

2. Products that have exceeded the above acceptance period;

3, the product has no label, or the label can not identify whether it belongs to the chemical reagent products;

4. The original package of the sealed product is opened, and the one-time seal or adhesive strip is damaged (except the quality problem);

5. The product has been used (except for quality problems);

7. The pictures and information of the products on the website are for reference only, not a quality problem.Due to the shooting light and different display color difference and other problems may cause the product picture and physical color difference, everything in kind shall prevail;

8, due to your technical level, the use of environmental restrictions caused by false alarm and the actual situation is not consistent with your description, Chemibao reagent will not be accepted to apply for return;

9. If the returned products contain free gifts, the free gifts shall be returned together with the returned products;

10. Refrigerated frozen transport and storage products;


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