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Custom Synthesis
BCM / 2019-01-08

Chemical treasure as a global leader in the field of chemical service, we have the first-class research and development team, has rich experience in organic synthesis, the company specializes in chiral, heterocyclic, benzodiazepines and other organic synthesis, we have a relatively scientific and perfect process system and control system, to provide you with a comprehensive chemical CRO contract custom services:

A. Preparation of high quality products from milligram to kilogram

B. Preparation of special reagents, intermediates and molecular fragments

C. Preparation of apis or related substances

D. Design and preparation of synthesis of impurities and metabolites

1. Delivery method

Including final product delivery and electronic data reports, including various detection spectrograms (HPLC, LCMS,NMR, etc.) in addition to the delivery of customized synthetic products as agreed.

2. Scope of customized services

A. Various pharmaceutical intermediates

B. Functional materials and intermediates

C. Custom peptide synthesis

D. Generic drug synthesis

E. Cosmetic raw materials and additives

F. Special reagents

3. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property is the most valuable asset of a company and its customers.We have signed confidentiality agreements with customers and employees before the start of the experiment, and we provide literature search, synthesis route design, synthesis, analysis and other services in strict accordance with the terms of the confidentiality agreement, so as to provide customers with high-quality target compounds in the shortest time.



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