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Gift Exchange
BCM / 2019-01-08


Gift instructions for exchanging points


1. Qualification for participation

(1) Customers who successfully register in Chemie Treasure (http://www.huaxuebao.com) can use their accumulated points to participate in Chemie Treasure points for gifts.

(2) If the customer has any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to: user logout, points expiration, abnormal account status, or violation of this activity method and relevant regulations, Chemebao shall have the right to cancel his/her participation qualification.


2, integral method

(1) Each self-registered customer who purchases products will be entitled to 1 point for each yuan of products successfully purchased.

(2) Self-registered customers who reach a certain membership level can double the integral according to the corresponding integral coefficient. For details, see the following table:

Points obtained = order transaction amount (integer) × the corresponding member level points coefficient


Note: THE transaction amount OF THE order used to calculate the points is only limited to the purchase price of the goods, excluding the discount goods and freight amount, please refer to the rules of "Membership Level" for details

(3) Points are owned by each customer and are not transferable.

(4) The final transaction amount of the accumulated credits shall be subject to the final transaction amount of the order, but the discount goods, credits and freight amount are not included.

(5) The integral calculation excludes the fractional part, and directly takes the first integer.

(6) Reward points activities will be held from time to time. Chembao will immediately announce the reward points method and implementation time through CHEMBAO.

(7) Chemebao will regularly clean up the credits of previous years on April 30th every year (one working day in advance in case of weekends and holidays). Please use your available credits in time to avoid the expiration of the credits.


3. Integral query:

(1) Log on Chemie Treasure (http://www.biochemmall.com) to query the score

(2) Call the customer service hotline (0755-85269922) to query the points


4. Points exchange method:

(1) Apply for gift points: points can be directly exchanged for gifts;Please login chemical treasure (http://www.biochemmall.com), in the "My account" in the "gift redemption" to select the need to redeem the prize exchange, and then according to the prompt operation leave valid information, until the final confirmation of the exchange information submission.

(2) Credits directly offset: Credits can be directly offset in the order according to the prompts.


5. Gift distribution

Once the gift exchange information is confirmed, the customer service staff will send it by express within 30 working days.


6. Precautions

(1) When exchanging points, it is necessary to confirm that there are enough points. If the points are insufficient, it cannot be successfully exchanged.

(2) Sales of returned products will be directly deducted corresponding credits according to the amount of returned products.

(3) Any changes in the gift list will be immediately displayed on Chemo. All redeemed gifts will be displayed in Chemo's "Gift Exchange".

(4) Once the exchange application is accepted, it cannot be changed or cancelled without special circumstances. The points will be deducted and displayed immediately.All items are not refundable, refundable, refundable or redeemable for cash.

(5) If the name of the gift submitted in all exchange forms does not match the exchange number, the exchange number shall prevail.

(6) The number of redeemable gifts is limited. First application, first served, while stocks last.If your purchase has been completed or your request is rejected for some reason, we will inform you immediately for handling advice.Sinopharm reagents may refuse the application of the redeemer for the exchange of gifts because the amount of the exchange has reached the limit or for any other reason, and it is not necessary to explain the reason for the refusal to the redeemer. Such refusal does not affect the claimant's right to apply for the exchange of other gifts.

(7) Gift pictures for reference only, subject to the kind, if there is no quality problem will not be returned.Just as a numbered gift has multiple colors, the colors are sent randomly.

(8) In case of any delay in notification caused by incomplete or changed contact information of the claimant, the claimant shall be liable for any subsequent failure or delay in delivery of the gifts.


7. Right of interpretation

Chempo reserves the right to make any immediate changes to the promotional details.


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